6 Reasons to Attend a Yoga Festival

Reasons to attend a Yoga Festival

6 Reasons to Attend a Yoga Festival

It’s the season for Yoga Festivals and if you are not a Yoga enthusiast, you are probably wondering, “Why should I attend one?” One of the participants of Dallas Yoga Fest, who attended a Yoga Festival for the very first time in her life said, “I thought a Yoga festival was about thousands of people coming together to do Yoga and learn some new asanas.  But it turned out to be much more than just twisting and breathing.   Yoga Festivals are an experience of honoring your body and spirit and connecting with a community that inspires and uplifts.

Attending a Yoga festival is always a fun experience if you are looking for adventure, vacation, and inspiration under one roof.   DYF shares 6 reasons for you to reserve your place at the upcoming Yoga Festival in your town.

1. Yoga festivals around the world are the ideal places for yoga virgins to learn the science of Yoga and improve holistic health and wellness.

reasons to go to festival


2. Meditation and yoga are part of the same sweet deal that helps calm the senses and keep the mind and body in sync with each other for every participant.

reasons to go to yoga festival


3. People suffering from various ailments need not worry themselves as festivals run by experts are bound to help them heal.

reasons to go to yoga fest


4. Yoga festivals are a great place for networking by teachers of the ancient science to spread the love and learn something more about the craft.

reason to go to yoga festival


5. Investing in your personal growth at a single place that is inspiring and keeps on the flow of energy is a good choice.

reasons to go to yoga festival


6. Learning about different cultures and their investment in the global space makes a great way to expand one’s horizons.

reasons to go to yoga festival


Festivals are held around the world and if you are someone who wants to participate, take your pick and make a reservation to experience this ancient science.  Dallas Yoga Festival is coming back this year on 17th June 2017 with free yoga and holistic health programs.  If you are interested in participating, volunteering or sponsoring the event fill up the interest form.

  • Smita
    Posted at 22:37h, 09 April Reply

    All of these are excellent reasons for going to Dallas Yogafest. I look forward to hanging out with the various vendors at the Marketplace just as much as I look forward to the lectures and yoga sessions.

  • Supriya Chadwick
    Posted at 18:42h, 21 April Reply

    Last year’s Yoga Fest was absolutely wonderful – AND, it was your first year.!!!

    Many new & advanced yoga & meditation practitioners from ANANDA Meditation & Yoga Center attended last year. Ananda has been in the Dallas area for 24 yrs & truly recognized what a high-quality event this was ….. In fact, we were so impressed, we decided to be an “affiliate” this year.
    We are proud to be more involved & look forward to another SUCCESSFUL gathering of like-minded, Joy-filled souls..
    Y’all register NOW & come!

  • Tulasi sahu
    Posted at 13:46h, 31 May Reply

    Radhe RADHE

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