Source of Binging – is it your stomach or the mind?

Source of Binging – is it your stomach or the mind?

There is enough information on how Junk is optimized solely for taste and inturn deprived of nutritional content causing adverse impact on our health. But often at an emotional level, cravings and addictions have to do with not being in the present moment or wanting to escape the present. When we are pushed out of our comfort zone with people, events, or even with our self-image, for many of us, our first impulse is to turn to food.

Food nurtures us since the day we are born. Hence emotional connection with food is normal.

However, when you are not conscious of some crawling thieves in your mind and you eat to escape what you are feeling, you lose touch with the experience of eating, as well. Since your mental and emotional satiety is digressed, hormonal and neurological signals from the stomach to the brain are not read and this inturn causes binges spiral out of control.

While most of us acknowledge the after-effects of unhealthy food, one of the biggest reasons why many of us are unable to overcome it permanently is because the consequences are far away and takes effort to imagine, compared to the immediate gratification. Hence, we keep collapsing again and again into behaviors we later regret because of our biochemistry overruling our rational mind.

Neither sweet nor savory urges should hold the reins of your life. Discover some interesting insights on Food. Through a Yogic Diet, understand more of the science behind how diet affects our body and mind. Use the power of your breathe to counter binge eating disorder and take charge of your vulnerabilities through wisdom!

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