Root-cause of 90% of Diseases

Root-cause of 90% of Diseases

Imagine a well-nourished tree with a solid trunk, lush green leaves and laden with ripe fruits. Now if this tree gets afflicted with worms, then you cannot possibly treat every single leaf and every fruit of the tree. You must find the root cause of what is affecting the tree!

As per Ayurveda, 95% of diseases have their roots in the digestive system. Why? Because good digestion turns food into good blood, strengthening your immunity. Since blood feeds your organs and your mind, good digestion strengthens your entire body and inturn results in mental and emotional stability as well. Hence stomach is as important an organ as the heart and the brain! Infact this intricate connection starts at the time of conception. In a fetus, the very first organs to develop are the brain, spinal cord, heart and digestive tract. It is the umbilical cord in the fetus’s navel through which all the blood and nutrients are passed from the mother to fetus. Thus, the digestive tract is the first physical connection between mother and child. This is illustrative of the fact that the connection between digestion, feelings (heart) and our sensory system (nervous system) begins very early in life. It is due to this connection that even as an adult, we often experience ‘gut-feelings’.


Amongst the Panch Vayus’, Samana Vayuis the integrating/digestive capacity of the human mind-body system. This is the energy which not just enables us to digest and absorb the nutrition from the food we eat but also aids in digesting our life experiences. When this force is dampened, it has a direct effect on our capacity to digest food, as well as our feelings.

Amongst the Chakras, the digestive system is majorly housed in our emotional center, the solar plexus chakra. This explains why digestion gets severely impaired when we are physically or emotionally stressed. For example, eating food when you are experiencing anger, has a detrimental effect on the liver, affecting the assimilation of nutrients during digestion, or when you have to appear for an exam or do a public presentation in office, you experience butterflies in your stomach! Thus, our thoughts —both conscious and unconscious—have a deep connection with our digestion. Read on further on how Emotions play a significant role in causing physical disorders.

Digestive problems are ridiculously common these days. For chronic conditions like excessive burping, bloating, flatulence, IBS etc. antacids are common prescribed medication, as these reduce the production of acid in the stomach. However, these medications only offer temporary relief and often mask the underlying causes of impaired digestion, worsening the problem.

As Human beings are emotional creatures, one is susceptible to common physical disorders. Learn more about the concepts of remembered illness and remembered wellness on this wonderful video on How our own Beliefs shape us physically and mentally.

Having sensible choices in food is the first step to overcoming digestive disorders and diseases. Matching your diet to your body type can help you improve the health of your digestive tract by aiding and strengthening the digestive fire (Agni). Secondly, digestion works properly only when you are relaxed and paying attention to what you are eating. Stress shuts down digestion. Relaxing and being mindful while eating is a really effective and inexpensive way to boost your digestion. Eating with your hands helps in using all of our senses to notice the texture, taste and smell of our food. As per Ayurveda, navel is the sira mula (i.e. root of the existence of all veins of the body).

Massaging the belly button with the right oil, having antibacterial properties, can kill any infection in the body.

Slowing down in life and striving towards acceptance – of things, of people, of situations is the tonic to release the stress associated with unprocessed negative emotions inhibiting the natural physical and mental digestive process.

At the Dallas Yoga Fest, find a daily physical endeavor through Yogasanas, designed to exercise your body for healthy digestion and declutter your mind by dispelling stress and igniting positive thinking!

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