Unveiling the 3 Doshas

Unveiling the 3 Doshas

Ayurveda, discovered and developed in India 5000 years ago, is the science of Life. One of the primary principles that Ayurveda is based on, is that of the of three Doshas : Vata, Pitta, Kapha. Doshas are the energies that make up every individual and are found throughout the human body and mind. They govern all physical and mental processes and provide every living being with an individual blueprint for health and fulfillment.

The Doshas derive from the Five Elements and their related properties. Each of the Doshas is predominantly composed of two elements.

As with the 5 elements, all three of the Doshas are found in everyone, but in different proportions. The particular ratio of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha (Ayurvedic constitution) within each of us provides us with a blueprint for optimal health, and significantly influences our individual physical, mental, and emotional character traits.

Vata – A person with a predominantly Vata constitution will have physical and mental qualities that reflect the elemental qualities of Space and Air i.e. dry, rough, light, cold, subtle, and mobile. That is why Vata types are commonly quick thinking, thin, and fast moving.

Pitta – is the energy of digestion and metabolism in the body that functions through carrier substances such as organic acids, hormones, enzymes, and bile. While Pitta is most closely related to the element of Fire, it is the liquid nature of these substances that accounts for the element of Water in Pitta’s make-up. The qualities of Pitta are oily, sharp, hot, light, moving, liquid, and acidic. Hence a Pitta type personality will have a fiery personality and oily skin.

Kapha – A Kapha Person will typically have a solid bodily frame and calm temperament, reflecting the underlying elements of Earth and Water i.e. moist, cold, heavy, dull, soft, sticky, and static. Kapha is the energy of building and lubrication that provides the body with physical form, structure, and the smooth functioning of all its parts. Kapha is the essential cement, glue, and lubrication of the body into one frame.

Individuals with the respective Body/Mind type will display physical and mental characteristics that reflect the above qualities in both a balanced and an imbalanced state.

Where do the Doshas reside and what do they govern?

Governance Vata Pitta Kapha
Physiological movements in the Body breathing, talking, nerve impulses, movements in the muscles and tissues, circulation, assimilation of food, elimination, urination, and menstruation. provides the bodywith heat and energy through the breakdown of complex food molecules. moistens food, gives bulk to our tissues, lubricates joints, stores energy, and relates to cool bodily fluids such as water, mucous, and lymph
Psychological Traits communication, creativity, flexibility, and quickness of thought governs joy, courage, willpower, anger, jealousy, and mental perception. It also provides the radiant light of the intellect.                             governs love, patience, forgiveness, greed, attachment, andmental inertia.

A balanced state is not necessarily 33.333% presence of each of the Doshas. If the proportion of Doshas in your current state is close to your birth constitution, then your health will be vibrant. A divergence between these states, however, indicates a state of imbalance.

Imbalances of the Doshas manifest themselves as diseases. Some commonly occurring ones are :

PHYSICAL Vata Pitta Kapha
Balanced State Generally have dry skin and dry hair and don’t perspire much, discomfort in cold climates Strong digestion, strong appetite, get irritated if they have to miss or wait for a meal, Perspire a lot Physically strong and with a sturdy, heavier build; Have the most energy of all constitutions, but it is steady and enduring, very good immune system,
Imbalance (due to lack or excessiveness) disrupt proper communication, and cause all sorts of abnormal movements in the body, such as tics, tremors, and muscle spasms. rashes or inflammations of the skin, acne, boils, skin cancer, ulcers, heartburn, acid stomach, insomnia, dry or burning eyes. colds and congestion, sinus headaches, respiratory problems including asthma, allergies, and atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).
MENTAL Vata Pitta Kapha
Balanced State Lively and Fun personality, Creative and Vitality, Quick to learn and grasp new knowledge, but also quick to forget Competitive, enjoy challenges, blessed with a joyful disposition, contentment, a sharp intellect, and tremendous courage and drive, Orderly, focused; Assertive, self-confident, and entrepreneurial at their best; Aggressive, demanding Easygoing, relaxed, slow-paced; Affectionate and loving; Forgiving, compassionate, nonjudgmental nature; Stable and reliable; faithful, long-term memory
Imbalance (due to lack or excessiveness) Responds to stress with fear, worry, and anxiety, Tendency to act on impulse; Often have racing, disjointed thoughts; Loneliness, exhaustion Anger, rage, and ego, leave an individual who is bitter with life and overbearing towards others. There is a saying that imbalanced Pitta individuals don’t go to hell; they simply create it wherever they go!   Can lead to insecurity and envy, prone to depression, Possessiveness,

Now that you have fair understanding of the Doshas and their role on your personal nuances, you know the reasons behind your innate strengths as well as some persistent challenges in your life. Cultivating a relationship with each of the three Doshas can provide the most effective guidance in self-awareness and inturn have a transformative impact on your overall health and well-being.

  • Sanjay Kumar Bhati
    Posted at 09:14h, 27 June Reply

    Imbalance of DOSHAS menifest themselves in diseases.

  • Bandita Pradhan
    Posted at 08:28h, 02 July Reply

    The DOSHAS derive from 5 elements and possess their related properties.

  • Sasmita Pradhan
    Posted at 20:49h, 07 July Reply

    All the VAYUS have subtle qualities,specific functions and directions of flow.

  • Sasmita Pradhan
    Posted at 20:50h, 07 July Reply

    All 3 DOSHAS are found in everyone but in different proportions.

  • Santosh Taneja
    Posted at 05:23h, 24 July Reply

    The particular ratio of Vata, Pitta and Kapha within each of us decides our health ,physical, mental and emotional character traits.

  • Sabita Satapathy
    Posted at 08:52h, 31 July Reply

    The dosha vata,kapha and pitta are present in each and very individual but present in different proportions.

  • Sabita Satapathy
    Posted at 08:53h, 31 July Reply

    The dosha vata,kapha and pitta are present in each and very individual but present in different proportions. So, we have to be tactful about it and govern our our mind in such a manner so as to overcome our difficulties.

    Posted at 18:16h, 31 July Reply

    A balanced state is not necessarily 33.333% presence of each of the Doshas.

    Posted at 18:19h, 31 July Reply

    Doshas are the energies that make up every individual and are found throughout the human body and mind.

  • Lipi
    Posted at 15:50h, 02 August Reply

    Ayurveda is the science of life,it was developed in India 5000 years ago.

    Posted at 04:23h, 03 August Reply

    THe CHAKRAS are the menifestations of the energies of the PANCHVAYUS

  • Sabita Satapathy
    Posted at 04:22h, 04 August Reply

    If the proportion of DOSHAS in our current state is closed to our birth constitution then our health will be vibrant.

  • Pranita Mathur
    Posted at 11:03h, 04 August Reply

    The DOSHAS derive from 5 elements and possess their related properties.

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